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Black Walnut

Black Walnut bistroo serves a varied breakfast, lunch and pastries menu.

SIA WALNUT 70% grows and buys organic products themselves, which are obtained by farming with natural methods – without the use of chemically synthesised substances such as picides, fertilisers, etc. Farming is based on healthy soil, which is a natural and living entity with a variety of flora and fauna, and the life processes in the soil are stimulated to increase yields. Organic farming is based on healthy and rich soil, which can resist pests and diseases on its own.

Every day you can buy organic vegetables (which means no chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics or food additives):

-Potatoes 0.90€/1kg/ Peeled potatoes 1.20€/1kg

-Carrots 1.20€/1kg/ Carrots peeled in vacuum pack 1.50€/1kg

-Onions 1.30€/1kg/ Onions peeled in vacuum pack 1.50€/1kg

-Beetroot long 1.30€/1kg/ Beetroot cooked, peeled in vacuum pack 2.00€/1kg

-Organic carrot juice 250ml – 2.50€

-Homemade beef liver pate 200gr – 3.50€

-Homemade beef liver pate with black balsamic 200gr – 4.00€

-Homemade biscuits – made from natural butter and cold-pressed flour 0.100gr/1.80

-Ginger biscuits
-Dark chocolate biscuits
-Cranberry biscuits

Duntes iela 3

+371 28 12 95 88

P – Pk | 9.00 – 16.00