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Shop 12 eat

12 Eat creates added value by delivering food products to company employees in offices or production plants. Mini self-service shops are placed in customer premises, where food products are sold for snacking or dining without leaving the workplace. The company also offers companies to order products from its range of food products for free meals for their employees. There are currently 200 mini self-service shops in the Baltic States.

The company’s goal is to improve the working environment of employees, saving their time, and providing a high-quality and wide range of food products suitable for all meals. In the shop it is possible to buy both sweet and salty snacks, juices, carbonated drinks, sandwiches, ice cream and other breakfast/lunch foods.

You can pay for purchases using a bank payment card.

Skanstes street 52 (7 & 8 Entery)

+371 20 26 19 18