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Academy of Podiatry

The Academy of Podology is a medical institution that currently offers the services of certified podiatrists and the purchase of podiatric cosmetics and consumables.

Podiatrists perform the following procedures in our institution:

*medical foot care, medical hand care, medical pedicure, medical manicure, correction of ingrown nails with pliers, with correction systems, treatment and prevention of heel cracks, treatment and treatment of warts and corns, care after various injuries of nails, fingers, feet and hand bones , treatment of bacteria and fungi and many other problems related to nails, feet and skin of hands.

Specialists of the Academy of Podiatry are also developing a new direction “Aesthetic Podiatry”, which includes aesthetics with minimal deviations from the norm.

Aesthetic reconstruction of the nail plate with medical gels, reconstruction of the nail plate after injuries, after various diseases, congenital anomalies.

Currently, world-known brands of cosmetics and consumables such as AArkada, Smart Master and Nano Technology are being treated. There is an opportunity to try all the offered products on site at the medical institution, as well as to receive professional advice on the choice of cosmetics or auxiliary materials for both Podiatrists and patients.

The staff of the Academy of Podology is waiting for you to visit, to make your everyday life easier, to help you understand the problem and to find the right solution and treatment together, without leading to surgical manipulations. We work with patients of different ages, from the correct nail cutting of a newborn child to senior patients with pronounced nail and skin problem areas. Welcome!

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